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2020 Season Update

As we continue to approach the start of our fall football season, I wanted to begin providing transparent communication about the possibilities of playing football in 2020.   


Flex Football: Flex football continues to work towards a summer season; maybe kicking off sometime in June.  With communication from APEX about field permitting, the continued executive orders that are impacting our ability to return to the field, and with the possibility/timing of a second wave of the virus, we no longer believe they will have a summer season.  Because of that belief, we have made the unfortunate decision to back out of Flex Football this spring/summer.   We were excited to offer a new spring option to our program, but realize that this is a different year for all of us.   

I will be processing your registration refund this weekend you registered through AYFA's website.  There is no longer a need to reach out to AYFA to make that request. I'll automatically be processing that request on your behalf.  I am not able to forward your funds from the Flex to the fall registration because we have changed websites between the two programs.You will have to contact Flex football if you registered or purchased any equipment through Flex Football directly


Fall Football: At this time, all 17 areas of JYFA are preparing to have a fall football season as expected without any modifications.   We are encouraging everyone to register as you normally would and to take advantage of the early season discount through the end of this month.   Please visit for the fall registration information.  

With that said, we, like all other youth sports, are subject to the decisions made by our local politicians and parks and recreation groups.  We will work within the current executive orders and permitting restrictions, which could impact our fall season.   We are also watching what is happening on the professional, collegiate, and high school levels.   Their decisions will possibly impact our decisions.  

My commitment to you is to keep communicating changes as I know them.   I want you to be as informed as I am about the situation so that you can make good decisions as well.   I will do my best to answer questions you have as we go, and I'll continue to provide updates.   

Thank you for your time!  I look forward to hearing from you.  




Cameron Holland Scholarship Fund

Cameron Holland 


The scholarship will recognize a Ralston Valley senior student that has established academic, athletic and character traits that are complimentary to Cameron's memory. Cameron was dedicated to academic achievement, participated in football and track, and had a kind and generous personality. Beginning in the spring of 2020 and annually thereafter, a senior will be selected to receive the scholarship to help participate in the pursuit of post secondary education. 

Contributions can be made online at (scroll down to find Cameron Holland Scholarship) or by check to the The Denver Foundation 55 Madison Street, 8th floor, Denver, CO 80206. Please write "Cameron Holland 

Scholarship" on your check. 

• As a 501(c)(3), gifts to The Denver Foundation 

are eligible for the full charitable deduction. Please consult your tax advisor for details. 

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